About Us


The Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

The Society was established in April 1895 as a branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and celebrated its centenary in 1995.

In 1946 the Society was incorporated under Government Ordinance No, 30 as the Trinidad Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Up until Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic, successive Governors/Governor Generals were the Patrons of the Society. Since 1976 the Presidents of the twin island Republic have assumed sponsorship of the Society.

The Society does not receive any financial aid from Government. We are a registered NGO and we are funded primarily by our fund raising efforts, services to several Regional Corporations and/or by corporate and private donations and bequests.

Offices & Shelters

The Society’s registered address is currently: PO Box 4607, St. James 180199, Trinidad and Tobago.

We operate several animal Shelters in Trinidad and Tobago; our largest being at Mucurapo Lands, St. James in Port of Spain, Trinidad. There is also a fairly large Shelter in Bacolet, Friendsfield in Scarborough, Tobago and, until recently, we operated a small shelter in Gopaul Lands, Marabella in San Fernando, Trinidad; which is now closed until renovations can be afforded. These Shelters, to a greater or lesser extent, provide a temporary home for unwanted cats and dogs.

In addition to maintenance of our animal shelters, our Society provides a range of much needed welfare services such as subsidised neutering programs for cats and dogs, investigation and resolution of reports of cruelty to animals, an adoption program for both cats and dogs at the Shelters, boarding facilities for the public and rescue of injured cats and dogs.

Each year the Society handles in excess of 4,000 animals that have been discarded, abused and otherwise maltreated. Some of the animals in the Shelter have been relinquished by their guardians for various reasons, but many more of these unfortunate creatures are dumped in boxes at our gates, found in drains or wandering the highways and beaches. Unfortunately few prosecutions for ill treatment to animals are successful because of the length of time and cost of court action, although the Society has some limited powers under the Summary Offences Act of Trinidad and Tobago. However, we are actively attempting to educate the public to the need for responsible pet guardianship and by so doing we hope to reduce instances of abandoned animals on our streets and beaches.

Much of the work at the Shelters is carried out by staff who have a love for animals and without whose help our Shelters would have closed their doors many years ago. The active in-house volunteer program at the Shelter in Port of Spain attracts many school-aged children, as well as adults.

Before any dog can be adopted from the Shelter, it is tested to determine what kind of temperament it has and a rigorous home check of the prospective adopter is carried out. It is also spayed or neutered before leaving for its new home and would have received its inoculations as well.

Executive Structure

The Society is governed by an Executive Council consisting of:

a) President, Vice-President, Operations Manager and Secretary (posts filled by invitation of the Executive Council).
b) Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of Council – elected to the position by paid up members of the Society.
c) Chairman and one Executive Member of the Management Committee of each Shelter, elected by members, also have a seat on the governing Council.

All Executive positions on the Governing Council are voluntary unpaid positions.

Council Chairman - Sita Kuruvilla
Council Vice Chairman - Susan Shim
Council Treasurer - Susan Morgan
Operations Manager - Sara Maynard-Agostini