Do you spay and neuter animals and what is the cost?

The TTSPCA - Port of Spain Shelter’s Spay Clinic is held every Tuesday and the public can access it by calling the Shelter and making an appointment.  The costs for services are as follows:

Dog Spay [female] (Under 45 lbs) - $475
Dog Neuter [male] (Under 45 lbs) - $400
Cat Spay [female] - $375
Cat Neuter [male] - $300

All dogs/cats must be in good health.  Dogs may not be older than 5 years; and cats may not be older than 3 years.

Owners can bring in their animals in the morning and collect them the same afternoon.  Shelter staff will provide the details of aftercare.

Prices quoted are for mixed breed dogs/cats only and are subject to change. Please contact the shelter to confirm current, updated prices and to make an appointment for the next available spay/neuter space.