What do I do if my dog bites a frog?

Prevention is better than cure

  1. Not all frogs are poisonous, but the Cane Toad (pictured) is. So learn to recognize what a Cane Toad looks like.
  2. Cane Toads live near to water. Check your canals, swimming pool, etc., especially in the evening time, and humanely remove any frogs that you see.
  3. In addition to eating insects, snakes and vegetation, Cane Toads love pet food.  Make sure that you do not leave bowls with dog or cat food down on the ground.
  4. If you live in an area with Cane Toads, you need to supervise your dog closely if it is outside.
  5. Put a bell on your dog’s collar to alert the frogs of his presence.
  6. Putting chicken wire along the bottom of your chain link fence helps to keep the frogs from getting into your yard.

Emergency Action

  1. Rinse out the dog’s mouth with large amounts of water – be careful not to force water down his throat as you may drown him. Hold his head down for the water to run out.
  2. Gently wipe the dog’s gums to get rid of some of the poison. If the dog is having a seizure, or is in pain, he may bite, so be cautious.
  3. A little salted water may induce vomiting and charcoal tablets help to line the stomach.
  4. Call ahead to your veterinarian’s office to make sure they are available. Keep your veterinarian’s phone number near to your phone, to save time in emergencies such as this.
  5. If you think your dog is in shock, cover him and elevate his head to ease his breathing.
  6. Calmly but quickly transport your dog to your veterinarian.

What to expect

  1. Symptoms of poisoning may include sudden profuse salivation/foaming, vocalizing, pawing at the mouth, deep red gums, head shaking, loss of coordination or a stiff gait, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea, weakness and even seizures.
  2. The severity of the poisoning depends on the size of the dog and the amount of toxin absorbed into the blood stream – how much poison per pound has been ingested.
  3. Cane Toads are nocturnal, so most poisonings take place at night time.
  4. There is no specific antidote for Cane Toad toxin and treatment will consist mainly of treating the symptoms – intravenous fluids, cool-water baths for rising body temperature and drugs to steady the dog’s erratic heart beat may all be used.