What should I do if I know of an animal being abused?

Depending on what type of animal it is, the TTSPCA may be able to assist.  Although we do not have any legal power to remove an animal from an abusive situation, or to bring charges against the person abusing the animal, we try to intervene on the animal’s behalf by either convinving the person to relinquish the animal to us, or by helping them to improve the animal’s conditions, if the person is willing to do so.

To report a case of suspected abuse to us, you may either call (622-1367 or 628-1615) or come into the Shelter. The details surrounding the case will be noted – all reports are kept strictly confidential. The TTSPCA will assign the case to either a volunteer or to the cruelty inspector.  You should note that sometimes it takes quite a long time to resolve these cases.