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Port of Spain

Puppy/Dog Adoptions - Essential Information


  • You will be asked a few questions to ascertain whether your home is suitable for a puppy/dog.
  • Puppies/dogs cannot be adopted for persons not living at your address. The adopter must be present to be screened & sign the Adoption Agreement.
  • Staff will assist you in selecting the right puppy/dog for you.
  • Staff will advise you on the settling in procedure, nutrition & care.
  • Within a week, your home will be visited by a TTSPCA staff member or volunteer to check that the premises is safe and secure (well fenced). Recommendations will be made if necessary.
  • NOTE: If adopting a Class A puppy or dog, you must comply with regulations set by the Dog Control Act.
  • Once approved, you will be contacted.
  • Already spayed/neutered puppies/dogs will be available immediately. Un-spayed/un-neutered puppies/dogs will be available 10 days after surgery.
  • A few days after adoption, staff will phone you to check that your puppy/dog is settling in well.
  • Adopters are encouraged to contact the TTSPCA with any queries, but if your puppy/dog is unwell, you are advised to seek veterinary aid.


  • All puppies/dogs are spayed/neutered before adoption.
  • Puppies are spayed/neutered at approximately 8 weeks old.
  • All puppies/dogs are healthy and friendly.
  • Flea and tick treatment is carried out monthly & three (3) vaccinations are given, one month apart (then due once annually).
  • Puppies/dogs that are not ready for adoption (not yet spayed or neutered/still on 10 day post surgery antibiotics) can be officially adopted (once the home check is successful) & kept at the shelter until ready (no boarding cost).
  • Puppies/dogs can be reserved until the home check is carried out.


  • Responsible ownership is encouraged. Your own dogs should be spayed/neutered before they are six months old, but this is not compulsory for adoption.
  • If you own a male dog that is six months old or older, you can adopt ONLY a FEMALE puppy/dog.


  • All puppies/dogs must be kept confined for at least a week after adoption, so you will need an Escape Proof room, kennel, or part of the yard.
  • You will need two bowls (water, chow), preferably a third for wet/canned food (recommended at least for the settling in period).
  • Toys are essential for puppies/dogs (safe balls, dog squeaky toys).
  • A dry/comfortable sleeping area is needed.
  • Your puppy/dog should be fed a basic diet of dog chow (preferably puppy chow for puppies), not table scraps, bones, human food, nor milk. A small quantity of moist/canned food is recommended, at least for the settling in period.
  • All puppies/dogs adopted must leave wearing a T & TSPCA ID tag and a collar and lead.
  • ID tags, collars, leads, bowls, toys and brushes are all available at the shelter Pet Store.
  • NOTE: A valid ID (National ID card, Driver’s Permit) must be presented to adoption. The TTSPCA accepts cash and Linx.


  • Adoption donation - towards the cost of spay/neuter, up to date parasite treatment, first (sometimes second) vaccination - $200.00 - $450.00 (cost determined by size, age and gender).
  • TTSPCA ID tag (personalized with your contact info at no further cost) -: $40.00- $45.00


  • Avoid exposure to household DOGS until your new puppy/dog seems settled. A gradual introduction is recommended.
  • Ensure that all dogs are restrained (on a lead) at the first meeting and are reprimanded if they show any undesirable behavior.
  • Supervise all interactions between all puppies/dogs until you are confident that there will be no aggression.
  • Initially, ensure that your new puppy/dog always has an escape route away from your dog/s.
  • If you decide that your new puppy/dog is in danger and the situation cannot be resolved, please return the puppy/dog to the TTSPCA.
  • Delay face-to-face introduction to CATS/KITTENS for at least a week.
  • Ensure that your new puppy/dog is restrained (on a lead) at the first meeting and is reprimanded if it shows any undesirable behavior (eg; barking, growling, snapping, chasing).
  • Supervise all time together until you are confident that your new dog/dog will not pose any danger towards your kitten/cat.


  • Children must be taught how to handle and interact with your new puppy/dog (do not disturb while sleeping/eating, be gentle, no grabbing, pulling etc.) and how to know when your puppy/dog has had enough attention and needs to be left alone.
  • Initial interaction time must be limited and supervised.
  • Puppies/dogs need time to adjust to their new family and can scratch or bite if startled, hurt or over stimulated by play or affection, potentially harming small children or even adults.


  • If you have any problems with your new puppy/dog (not settling well, toilet issues, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact the TTSPCA for advice. However, if your new puppy/dog seems unwell (not eating, vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing etc.) contact a vet.
  • If you decide that you cannot keep your new puppy/dog, please return it to the TTSPCA.
  • The Adoption Agreement states that the adopted puppy/dog must reside at the adopter’s home for a year. If you find an alternative home for your puppy/dog, please notify the TTSPCA so that the new owner can be contacted for a home check.